Bariatric Surgeries Offered


Gastric Sleeve SurgeryGastric Sleeve Surgery, or vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG), is a procedure that permanently reduces the stomach – thus reduce patient’s caloric intake. Gastric sleeve surgery becoming increasing popular amount patients and surgeons, read why here:

Gastric Sleeve Surgery




Gastric Bypass SurgeryGastric Bypass Surgery, or RNY gastric bypass, is a weight loss surgery that produces high expected weight loss. Gastric bypass is the most prominent bariatric surgeries that has the least risks. Read more at:

Gastric Bypass Surgery



duodenal-switch_500-590x350Duodenal Switch or, vertical sleeve gastrectomy with duodenal switch, is a very powerful weight loss surgery aimed to provide very high expected weight loss. Read why so many patients are considering duodenal switch:

Duodenal Switch



Gastric BandingGastric Banding Surgery, known under its brand names Lap-Band or REALIZE band, is a weight loss surgery that uses an implant to restrict the size of a patient’s stomach. Read more at:

Gastric Banding Surgery




Gastric Plication SurgeryGastric Sleeve Plication, or Gastric Plication, is a new weight loss surgery that aims to mimic the method that gastric sleeve surgery uses. Read more about this new surgery here:

Gastric Plication Surgery



Revisional SurgeryRevisional Surgery is where our surgeons can repair, revise or rescue a failing weight loss surgery. Our team can handle even the hardest surgery types, including gastric banding to gastric sleeve and gastric sleeve to gastric bypass.

Revisional Bariatric Surgery



Metabolic Surgery is the preferred surgery to repair heart disease or metabolic syndrome. Gastric Bypass has been shown to reduce type 2 diabetes by 80% and duodenal switch has been shown to reduce type 2 diabetes by 90%.

Metabolic Surgery